Etere launches the new CensorMx Simple

21 октября 2019

Built to accommodate a smaller workload, but equipped with just as much power, broadcasters can experience the essential points of seamless censorship at a lower price.

Etere CensorMX now has a new version, the Etere CensorMX Simple, optimised to provide the necessities of seamless censorship at a lower price.

Etere CensorMX is a reliable, powerful and user-friendly Live Censorship and Time Delay platform that allows users to edit or replace any video segment, insert clips from the library, as well as easily mute or bleep any audio segment.

The Etere CensorMX Simple provides all the necessary bare minimum functions of CensorMX to ensure that broadcasters can edit and air their content seamlessly. Intended for use by newer and small time broadcasters, the Etere CensorMX Simple does not leave out any of the important aspects of the software. Users still have access to the full editing suite, a useful time delay function, bleep or mute functions, continuous playlist loop, multiple image format management, and plenty more. In fact, this solution enables smaller broadcasters to get the full use of CensorMX's well regarded capabilities at a lower price. Check the attached CensorMX Feature Comparison Document to compare the different features offered by CensorMX and CensorMX Simple.

Etere CensorMX Simple's comprehensive editing suite contains all of the essential tools to allow broadcasters to quickly and efficiently replace footages. Its load balanced architecture also ensures a fault-resilient and powerful performance, promising users with a safe and fuss free editing process.

The software uses a client server application that allows a single client to control multiple servers with zero delay technology for preview, making Etere CensorMX Simple a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Etere CensorMX Simple is aimed at smaller broadcasters, with its range of offered features centered on ensuring a smooth censorship process with a smaller system and budget. Expanding broadcasters can choose to upgrade their Etere CensorMX Simple to the full CensorMX suite whenever they wish.

Key Features:
■ Variable time delay
■ No waiting times to preview content while recording, with countdown timers for alerting
■ Quickly perform deletions, insertions and replacements for live and recorded video
■ Easily mute and bleep audio with Mute and Bleep functions
■ MTX zero delay technology for preview
■ Continuous Loop in Playlist
■ Multiple Image Format Management
■ Immediate mute and blackout
■ Anticipate, censor and replace sensitive or inadequate footages
■ Save costs as client server applications allows one single client to control multiple servers
■ Timeline with markers showing all edits with full logs and report of censorship operations
■ Library allows you to select any clips (including advertising spots) for rapid insertion
■ Enhanced preview for both live/delayed video with countdown timers
■ Multiclip insertion

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