Etere new Strategic Editor

19 September 2012

Comprehensive and rich functionality for easier and faster schedule management

Etere Strategic Editor is a module that provides performing schedule adjustments in real time. A common control editor for all of your scheduling, including automatic and flexible changes to the schedule, editing schedules with a frame accurate planning of assets, intuitive event selections and automatic rights verification.

This combination of functionality allows only valid events to be scheduled, ensuring content is efficiently edited before being aired.

Etere, the worldwide leader in software for broadcasting and media business, presents an innovative Strategic Editor with new grid functions. A completely rewritten .NET object implemented also in Air Sales and BMS to maximize production efficiencies.

The newest Strategic Editor gives each user access to rich and comprehensive functionality, powerful control ensuring a margin of error near to zero and flexible organization, now scheduling can be edited and aired with ease. A variable grid view with the following benefits:

    ■ An increased user-friendly interface allows user to interact with the schedule in a clear and intuitive way, especially in presence of events with different sizes

    ■ Multi-day moving allows operator to move within the scheduling between days with maximum flexibility

    ■ Multichannel moving enables user to manage both the scheduling day and the whole scheduling channel, improving and increasing the speed and easiness of scheduling operations

    ■ User operations become four times faster and accurate, without losing time

In version 22.5 the new grid is inserted in parallel with the previous editor, upgrade to new Strategic Editor is free for our existing customers. Our mission is adding more value to your original investment, constantly enhancing Etere Solutions.

New customers will appreciate and enjoy the benefits of Strategic Editor right away, recognizing that it is a product designed to work the way they need. The new version of Strategic Editor satisfy the operating requirements of media enterprise providing an environment that is optimal for state-of-the-art collaborative production.