Etereweb releases new user interface and functions

02 August 2012

EtereWeb refined interface aligned with the new look of all Etere solutions

Etere, the leading provider of high technology software for broadcasting and media businesses, release significant new features in EtereWeb. The Etere Research & Development Team has developed more new features for its EtereWeb the web interface for all Etere solutions. It gives the capability to manage all data via web through a powerful, secure and user-friendly interface. EtereWeb new GUI adopted a gorgeously consistent grey-scale look. Also the whole EtereWeb experience has been redesigned adding also the resource management and a consistent GUI also for the Tapeless reception. The Etere user interface has been improved and re-designed to make the workspace easier to manage thanks to the inclusion of many customization options. Now, also EtereWeb is available with that skin. Explore its total new look and interface to improve your work.
New EtereWeb is based on .Net Framework 4.0 and Silverlight 4.x (thus making the low resolution browsing experience also for Mac); it works on all major operating systems and major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. A new menu includes the support for tablets. All above mentioned features have been developed with brilliant accuracy to make the operator’s job easy, fast and efficient, a remarkable fact that increases the legendary capabilities of Etere software.
Etere is the System for Lifetime! All upgrades are available free for our customers with a live support contract. Our mission is adding more value to run better your media business. Etere, a consistent System!

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