Introducing EtereWeb

17 декабря 2012

Gives you the possibility to manage all your data via web through a powerful, secure and user-friendly interface

EtereWeb enhances the asset management capabilities of your system by offering a web interface perfectly integrated with all modules present on it, where authorized users will be able to search, browse, request, upload and even carry out the most important advanced operations implemented on your system. EtereWeb will streamline various aspects of your system such as:

Information Exchange: Improvement of data communication between internal entities such as departments, staff or systems, and external entities like customers, suppliers or production managers

Modules Integration: The most important features of Etere modules have been implemented, so operators can use the web versions of, for example, Etere Memory to check the legacy off air recording, Etere HSM to control the archive status of assets, or Etere Media Manager to track on real-time migration between devices

Editing Compatibility: Possibility of be a useful complement to the major editing systems such as Avid, Adobe Premiere and Apple FCP are supported, due to a transfer manager which permits to download video files, and to subsequently upload them once edited

Scalable Security: Full support of firewall security, allowing users to define several user-levels to access protected media

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