TV Band, Belo Horizonte launched a new operations with Etere

27 June 2012

For the third time, one of the TV channels affiliate to Group Bandeirantes, TV Bandeirantes Belo Horizonte, better known as Band Minas, based in Belo Horizonte (MG), has upgraded with Etere

Band Belo Horizonte has chosen Etere software to manage their play-out plus their news automation system. Band Belo Horizonte is an affiliate of the Bandeirantes Communication Group, the group that since 1937 covers major events in the history of Brazil and the world. In recent years, the group has grown and acquired new brands thus establishing itself as a great multimedia communications company.
TV Bandeirantes Belo Horizonte, better known as Band Minas, is based in Belo Horizonte (MG) and belongs to the Bandeirantes group; it transmits a programming part of Minas Gerais, in addition to generating local programming. Band Belo Horizonte has chosen the new playout automation system based on Etere software, which will provide the Automation and the News integration to modernize the broadcast center of the Brazilian broadcaster. The decision in favor of the Etere systems corresponds to the positive feedback from other Etere installations within the Group, with currently in progress projects at Band Taubatè and Band Campinas. We are extremely proud to be associated in these projects with Brasvideo our Brazilian distributor. In cooperation, we have provided the latest Etere workflow based and modular solutions that will permit Band Belo Horizonte to create run and control their News rundown. In addition, Etere will be supplying the TV channel with the latest release of its – MOS compliant News Automation, an open system based on a modular architecture capable to extend the traditional concept of news environment. The system will successfully control the following equipment across the entire facility at TV Band Belo Horizonte:
• 2 Harmonic Mediadeck 3Ch
• VTR for ingest
• 3 Master Control
• 3 Logo Generator
• MOS interface with AP ENPS System

ETERE, a Consistent system!

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