Band Taubate will go on-air with Italian software

23 августа 2011

Etere continues success in Brazil: Band Taubatè upgraded its existing system with Etere Automation and Etere AD Insertion

Etere announced that Band Taubatè (Brazilian broadcaster) upgraded its existing system with Etere Automation and Etere AD Insertion.
Band Taubatè is an affiliate of the Bandeirantes Communication Group, the group that since 1937 covers major events in the history of Brazil and the world. In recent years, the group has grown and acquired new brands created and established itself as a great multimedia communications company. The Bandeirantes Communication Group distributes content worldwide, offering to the most different markets the wide range of program genres that Brazil offer including telenovelas, series, realities, sports, documentaries, music, and many others.
Currently the group owns two broadcast television networks, three pay TV channels, six radios, a newspaper, a distributor of TV cable content, the major music label and the largest platform of interactivity in Brazil. Band Taubatè has chosen the most efficient playout system in the broadcast world: Etere Automation, the solution that represents an automation system based on 21 years of experience which is continuously implemented to be always reliable. Etere provides Band Taubatè TV with a simple but efficient solution for the management and playout of commercial contents across three split networks, an Etere Automation system tightly integrated with an Etere AD Insertion module. Thanks to Etere, operators can now manage in real-time all three split networks through a centralized interface where all the split processes are performed automatically. In this scenario, Etere AD Insertion waits until Etere Automation indicates which commercial clusters to load and when to send them on-air. Etere manages and leverages all the potential of all the broadcast equipment used by Band Taubatè which is mainly composed by the following devices:
■ 6 ch. Omneon Spectrum Media Server
■ 2 VTR for ingest
■ 1 Master Control Nvision
■ 1 A/V router Nvision
■ 1 Logo Generator Nvision

Etere, a consistent system!

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