KOBA Show - Etere & the Future of Broadcasting (booth C654)

28 мая 2012

Etere always anticipate the market, meantime others broadcast companies developing ‘good asset management’, the challenge for us was been to give our Customers ‘One application can do all without integration issues’

Etere thanks the MERP solutions is able to do it: 100% software single framework, a single database with a single information copy. Our solution is the edge of broadcast technology; it combines in one single framework all that is necessary, with no integration problems and supreme performances. MERP is the edge technology in broadcast that is going to replace all the traditional architectures. Key features:
• global framework to manage all your business
• keep metadata updated in real-time
• turning your workflow “smooth and intelligent”
• save money with a faster system
• win against your competition

ETERE provides all the modules required to manage your end-to-end workflow, bringing you total control over the management of digital assets across ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval, distribution and more. We invite you to explore our solutions during the show in our booth C654, where you can meet our Asia Pacific Sales Manager Mr. Fabio Gattari, who will be glad to offer you a special custom demo on hot products and solution topics. In order to arrange a meeting at this event, please send an email to the following address: marketing@etere.eu

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