Etere adopts the SRT Protocol

22 November 2019

Etere keeps you on the forefront of new technology. Etere products can now use the SRT protocol, thus increasing the productivity of video streaming, all while reducing costs. The SRT is provided as a free upgrade for all Etere users.

Etere is now a member of the growing number of service providers that use and promote the usage of SRT. SRT, or Secure Reliable Transport, is an open source low latency video streaming standard that allows videos to stream with minimal delay. The SRT provides stability by minimising the effects of jitter and bandwidth changes, while error-correction mechanisms help to minimise packet loss.

For our customers to receive only the best in broadcasting standards, Etere has decided to adopt the SRT standard in hopes to improve the streaming experience for all our customers. As an advocate of interoperability and standards, Etere believes incorporating SRT into our system processes is the best route for our customers.

Etere makes the decision after receiving numerous positive feedback from customers and associates on the advantages of adopting the SRT Protocol. Consumers are now moving to a variety of new broadcast mediums, such as online streaming sites to share their work, and Etere intends to keep up with all these changes. With the adoption of SRT Etere can better ensure professional, high-grade video across any network, including unstable, noisy environments like the internet.

Another advantage of the SRT protocol is that it is a good money saver. The low latency video streaming standard replaces costly satellite networks or the inflexible MPLS networks by making use of the readily available, adaptable, and affordable internet. Etere provides SRT to our users with no additional charges for users to adapt their systems with any necessary software or hardware changes. Along with its cost effectiveness, the SRT protocol is able to allow Etere users to deliver two-way interactive videos from anywhere in the world with the help of internet connection.

Etere equips users with the means to easily manage the SRT streams without the need for any external add ons. Users can expect to recieve fully unlimited SRT inputs and outputs to better facilitate their broadcast streaming. This adds on to Etere's wide array of usable stream protocols such as SDI, NDI and IP, that users can choose to use. The use of SRT can be paired well with the Etere Playout, Etere Master Control, Etere Ingest, Etere Studio Play, Etere Scheduled Ingest.

The celebrated low latency of the SRT Protocol enables real-time IP communications that function as fast as the UDP with the reliability and error-analysing of TCP/IP. SRT protocol is also able to process many different video standards, from MPEG-2, H.264, to HEVC. The stream is also kept completely secure with industry-standard encryption, so users need not worry about any possible security leaks when broadcasting over the internet.

The overall interoperability of the SRT protocol helps Etere to reach new frontiers in providing fresh content routes for our customers.

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