Etere Launches Live Sports Player

11 April 2019

The Etere MAM solution expands with the Live Sports Player. Even with the unpredictability of sports events, Etere Live Sports Player allows users to broadcast multiple live playlists simultaneously.

The Etere Live Sports Player is a new addition to the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) system and provides users with the ability to cater for channels with high proportions of live, unpredictable content, and tools for automatically populating graphics templates close to air to cater for late-breaking changes, to provide the agility and reliability that sports broadcasters demand.

Handling live sporting events can be expensive for broadcasters. Broadcasters need to be able to handle this premium content in the most effective way, enhancing the stories and adding value to be able to engage their audiences and push the media out to more platforms than ever with one seamless workflow. Etere makes live sports broadcasting cost efficient with the Etere Live Sports Player.

The Etere Live Sports Player is a fully customisable application that provides users with an integrated software to stage live sports feeds to viewers. The Etere Live Sports Player combines the robust Etere MAM system with live studio production, fast-paced editorial, creative and publishing workflows, to accelerate your content-to-audience cycles. Suited to work on touchscreens, the controls are finger friendly and fully automated to combine the video and audio switcher devices on one interface.

Future-proof Signal and Platform Management
Make a self-paced transition to a revenue-generating all-IP future by deploying the latest standards-based technologies to ensure future-proof, interoperable workflows and seamless support for UHD and hybrid SDI-IP infrastructures.

Remote Production
Enable agile, virtualized productions by using IP-based technology to connect on-site cameras and a centralized remote facility; save IP bandwidth and router port counts via tight metadata integration between replay server and monitoring platforms.

Key Features
■ Broadcast exciting sports games with the Etere Live Sports Player
■ Insert advertisements for live events
■ Flexible configuration options
■ Scalable architecture, highly adaptable with changing needs
■ Distributed architecture and highly fault resilient
■ Live logging and highlights creation
■ Multiplatform distribution
■ Show management and studio production
■ Multicam ingest capabilities
■ Monetisation opportunities
■ Control room automation combines video and audio switcher, Lights mixer, Multiviewer, Plauouts, VTRs, Generic GPI devices, Titles, etc inside unique interface
■ Live content inventory
■ Touchable Interface
■ Full remotely access to controls room devices, directly and automated
■ Easily deploy run-down over your predefined format
■ Record direct actions and save on custom-functions

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