The Benefits of Etere Full IP Playout

07 February 2018

More than just an IP-based replacement for SDI, Etere full IP solution is a bi-directional transmission, not only enabling you to share video and audio over IP, but also to send and receive multiple input and output signals between devices on your network.

Etere full IP playout solution is scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective. It is a complete solution that includes Ingest, Media Asset Management (MAM), Transcoding, Quality Control, Playout, Graphics, Etere ETX-M IP Multiviewer and Closed Caption capabilities. With Etere, you can build an IP facility that does not require any SDI hardware and is less expensive than a traditional solution. Etere has supported Newtek technology since 2014 when its IT-based channel-in-a-box system, Etere ETX was integrated with NDI support.

Ready for Virtual Machines (VM)
Etere IP technology allows you to use virtual machines. Only the ETX-M IP Multiviewer requires SDI cards. You can have a virtual environment to manage your MAM, ingest, transcoding and playout with cost savings in hardware and maintenance costs.

Performance and Flexibility
■ Latency compression for SD, HD and 4K video, audio and metadata
■ Encode, transmit and receive multiple streams of video and audio in real-time
■ Manages multiple high-quality and ultra-low latency video streams simultaneously
■ Low bandwidth consumption and CPU impact
■ Point-to-point IP connection with failover and automatic re-connection
■ Video data compression with the NDI codec which delivers 1080 full HD video at VBR data rates around 100mBit/seconds
■ Full resolution, full frame-rate video suitable for limited bandwidth wireless, remote and large-scale networks
■ Redundant with the use of standard IP adapters
■ Easy migration without hardware requirements
■ Requires only standard Gigabit cables, freedom from dependency on distribution amps, video matrix routers

Etere Ecosystem
Etere full IP solution is integrative with Etere Ecosystem. From planning to sales, Etere Ecosystem is able to connect, integrate and provide real-time updates from a centralized database
■ Etere ETX-M is able to monitor multiple live video input sources for a simultaneous broadcast from a single interface
■ Live subtitling with Etere ETX Inserter and Time Delay
■ Etere ETX is a complete channel-in-a-box with full IP in and out capabilities
■ Etere ETX-G allows you to add or delete graphics up to 30 seconds before playout
■ Etere QC for an automated quality check on video/audio files and detection for issues including freeze frames, black frames, scene changes and audio loss
■ Etere Master Control modernizes all master control features in a 100% software-based solution with a touch screen panel

Future-Ready Solution
■ Easy to expand and completely scalable without a change in the system
■ Open to the future, it is capable of managing SD/HD/4K signals
■ Ready for Virtual Machines and Cloud
■ Compatible with existing SDI and IP-based technologies, independent of changing specifications and formats
■ Supports integration with ASPEN, SMPTE 2110 and other emerging standards