Etere ETX Launches Internet Publishing

10 августа 2016

Etere ETX launches automatic and high-speed internet publishing as a free upgrade.

Etere ETX supports automatic and high-speed streaming of audio, video and data directly to media servers such as Youtube, Wowza, Adobe Media Server and other publishing systems using the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). This is a FREE UPGRADE available from Etere version 26.3

ETX enables streams with any compression schema including H264 and support for HD/SD/4K standards with automatic up/down conversion. Users are able to add and publish a rundown on streaming systems in Etere Automation, Etere MAM, Etere OTT and Etere Nunzio Newsroom, thus improving operational efficiency and connectivity across the entire workflow.

ETX is a complete channel-in-a-box that provides a cost-effective and tightly integrated video management system with full IP (in and out) capabilities. ETX is able to perform automatic, high-speed transmission of audio, video and data between a player and servers. Furthermore, ETX also makes it easy to create professional playout and streaming of HD/SD digital video, audio, 3D graphics animation without the use of middle-ware or proprietary hardware.
Lower the cost of ownership and increase your returns with Etere. Streaming over media servers open up digital distribution opportunities for broadcasters including:

■Real-time engagement with audiences via live feedback channels
■Enables the publication of content with longer view-time as compared to on-demand videos
■Media streaming servers allow engaged audiences to share the content on social media
■Real-time performance metrics and feedback of audiences including live comments and shares
■Optimized viewing on multiple devices including tablets, mobile devices, connected TVs, and desktops
■Elimination of geographical barriers, making it easy for worldwide audiences to access your content

Etere's scalable and flexible solutions make it easy to customize and expand your system regardless of your company size. Etere future-proofs your investments with a commitment to drive innovations and deliver reliable solutions that empower broadcasters to meet the challenges at every step of the workflow.

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