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18 ноября 2010

MTV Greece, Nickelodeon Choose Etere. For the full article, please view the attached image.

Etere has granted programmed workflow program for MTV Greece and Nickelodeon. The two channels use Etere TV industrialisation in chief manage with SeaChange MCL SD/HD video servers, Evertz QMC-2 HD chief manage switchers and two Chyron ChannelBoxes.
Etere STMAN provides manage over gadgets for real-time graphics and duct branding. Besides the channels playout system, Etere supposing a Cartwall/Jingle Machine to fool around video clips manually during live and in-studio productions.

An Etere Ingest procedure is used to manually or automatically takeover video to the SeaChange servers, whilst video materials give between servers (main and backup), and nearline storage is implemented with the Etere Data Mover.

The every day report is to two channels is ready with Etere Executive Editor. Finally, MTV Greece and Nickelodeon use Etere Memory for video logging.