MTV and Nickelodeon Greece, on-air with Etere

03 November 2010

MTV and Nickelodeon Greece choose Etere's cutting-edge software solutions to go on-air.

MTV Greece is the musical channel and Nickelodeon a kid's targeted TV channel, for the Greek market. Etere has provided the latest workflow-based modular broadcast software solutions based on the Etere MERP concept. With this approach Etere customers can freely design and run their own workflows and MTV Greece & Nickelodeon were able to automate and control the two channels management and playout, building a reliable and truly tapeless, integrated, flexible and cost efficient distributed architecture. MTV & Nickelodeon Greece use Etere TV Automation to broadcast their programming including secondary events such as logos, crawls, cg, router switching and master control transition, through a fully redundant system. Etere Automation controls the playout of the same playlist (in sync)from two video servers via two different PCs to grant the transmission continuity both in case of failure or maintenance of the playout chain (video server, secondary devices, IT infrastructure, software upgrades/updates, etc.).

In case of failure of the main chain, Etere Automation switches automatically to clone. Etere STMAN is the software module that provides control over devices for an advanced real-time graphics and channel branding management. Etere is unicode so the customers can input and search asset metadata in any language and also send data strings directly to devices in any language. Beside the channels playout system, Etere provided an integrated tool named Cartwall/Jingle Machine to play video clips manually during live and in-studio productions. Etere Ingest module is used to manually/automatically capture video contents into the SeaChange servers while video materials transfer among video servers (main and backup)and nearline storage devices is performed automatically by Etere Media Manager. It's an embedded Etere Media Manager software module tool which is responsible for content availability whenever and wherever they are required.

These software modules play a central role in modern installations as in this case, where two video servers and nearline storages are mirrored by Etere to acheive a fully redundant ingest/playout system and share contents for increased reliability. The two channels daily schedule is prepared using Etere Executive Editor that permits a frame accurate planning of all those assets intended to be aired and a comprehensive management of the related secondary events. The system is completed by an import/export engine that allows to import musical playlist generated with third-party software, in this case RCS Selector. Finally MTV Greece and Nickelodeon keep track of the broadcast programming by using Etere Memory, a video logger which implements a low resolution archive (WMV format) of all transmitted programs and allows to search and review a specific date and time recording. Etere system exploits the potential from the equipment used by these channels, which is composed by the following devices:
■ 2 SeaChange MCL SD/HD video servers with online storage
■ 2 off-line nearline storage
■ 2 VTRs ingest Sony
■ 1 Master Control Evertz QMC-2 HD
■ 1 Audio/Video router switcher Evertz Q1602 HD
■ 2 Logo & CG Chyron ChannelBox
■ 12 workstations

Etere, a consistent system!

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