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17 января 2007

TeleTicino, digital solution for the management of the tv station

TeleTicino, digital solution for the management of the tv station.
(Translation from Monitor - January 2007)

Once again Etere went abroad to setup one of its integrated digital solutions to manage broadcast environments, in a cheap but effective fashion.
So this time it is the Swiss TV Channel TeleTicino which, after having meticulously analyzed what was available on the market, chose Etere to manage and automate its broadcast channel. This very customer has been successfully using Etere since 2002, when it chose Traffic to manage and plan commercial contents and playlists. At that point the playlists that were generated by Etere went on air with the seven automation system. Now, thanks to Etere, Teleticino can control all of its activities, from content management – whether it is archive management or media asset management on a whole - to the playout phase. The system is now seamlessly and finely integrated and represents a solution able to grant a number of advantages from an operational fluidity point of view. In this installation a number of modules have been chosen:

-Etere Main and Etere Traffic are in charge of planning programs and commercials, featuring also a complete playlist management
-Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) catalogues and indexes all video content, especially to benefit journalists
-Automation Main and Clone, the two systems which are synchronized with automation controllers to remote two independent instances of the same playlist, to be able to switch in case of any issue
-Media Manager manages the archives and its features allow to expand the video server storage capability as well
-Memory, the module records 24H the schedule that has been broadcast in the last 3 months, as required by Law
-Transcoding creates the low resolution clips. On a whole, Etere manages the ingest, archiving and playout environments remoting 3 VTRs for ingest, an Omneon Videoserver, an AV Network Electronics Video Router, a Miranda Imagestore 300 Logo and Title Generator, and finally a 4 TB disk storage array.

After having ingested the content on the Omneon Video Server, Etere transcodes it, so to create the low resolution proxy files that are required in order to segment the clips and for the Content Management System and Media Asset Management (MAM) which automatically detects black frames, scene clip changes and keyframe insertions.

Etere system for TeleTicino also interfaces Quantum tape library.”

All the indexed video content is particularly useful to journalists to produce news specials. Etere Media Manager thinks of managing as efficiently as possible the archive environment and automatically restores in the Omneon Video Server the clips that have been archived yet although they still have not been transferred to the playout storage; this accordingly to the playlist created by the operators, or required by journalists […]

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