Etere Automation, MAM, Logger & Archiving for Teleticino

20 апреля 2006

Etere Provides cost effective and easy to use digital integrated solutions for Teleticino.

Etere is an Italian company redefining the broadcast business, providing cost effective and easy to use digital integrated solutions. After a long and careful analysis on the market broadcast’ products TeleTicino, issuing Swiss TV, has chosen Etere for the management and the automation of its channel. To understand better the system we compare it before and after Etere solution.

In 2002 the customer had adopted ETERE Traffic for the commercial management, the planning of the programs and the management of the playlist. The playlist created with ETERE came transferred manually on their automation system from Seven line.

Teleticino go to an integrated solution with ETERE that controls everything from traffic to playout, archive and media asset management. The Integrated solution give to Teleticino a huge advantage. The main modules of the ETERE software used in this installation are:
• Etere Main and Etere Traffic for the programs/commercials planning and the management of the playlists
• Media Asset management (MAM) for the catalogue and the indexing of thevideo material, especially for the journalists
• Automation Main e Clone: two synchronized systems with automation controllers running two independent copies of the same playlist ready to switch in case of fault
• Media Manager for the management of the archives and the expansion of the video server’ space
• Memory for the recording of the H24 and the on-air of the last 3 months
• Transcoding for the creation of the proxy files in low resolution
The devices that Etere controls for the ingestion, the playout and the archive are
• 3 VTR for the ingestion
• 1 Omneon videoserver
• 1 audio/video matrix Network Electronics
• 1 Logo e Crawl Miranda Imagestore 300
• 1 storage 4TB based on disk array
After the material is ingested in Omneon videoserver, Etere Transcoding automatically generates low resolution proxy files for frame accurate video segmentation (SOM, EOM, advertising, bulk video, etc.) The proxy is also used by Etere Content Management System and Media Asset Management (MAM) for:
• automatic black frame detection,
• scene changes
• fixed points keyframes insertion
All the indexed video is used by journalist for the news production. Etere also drives a 4TB disks array ( 350 hours video @ DV25 approximately), used as archive near on line and as video server expansion. Etere Media Manager manages the archive/expansion system, in details:
• Automatically archives in the storage the clips chosen by the customer a/o
a defined material type
• automatically restore in Omneon of all archived clips necessary for the playout and based on the playlist created by the operators, or requested from journalists through MAM system

The automation system is fault tolerant and the continuity of the playout is guaranteed by Etere TV Automation Main and Clone. The logging of the station and it’s archive for at least 3 months is guaranteed by Etere Memory running on standard PC. Memory recordings can be used for legal controls by the authorities and as playout certification system in case of litigation with customers. Etere system for Teleticino also interfaces Quantum tape library.

Fabio Turetta production executive of Teleticino says:
"I can say that the upgrade to Etere solve all our major problems, now we are also redesign our internal workflow to use all the features Etere gives us. Anyway from the beginning the new system was so friendly we are able to use from the first day. The biggest advantage of this new system is also the reductions of errors, an integrated workflow as Etere philosophy reduce human error of about 80%."

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