22 июня 2011

Italian Pavilion steps up presence at show with more exhibitors.

Italian Pavilion steps up presence at show with more exhibitors.

Italian broadcasting companies have stepped up their presence at BroadcastAsia with more than 30 companies exhibiting at the Italian Pavilion (462 to 464) this year. This is the sixth consecutive year that the Italian Trade Commission has organized a delegation of exhibitors at the show.

In addition, the group includes Promos — Milan Chamber of Commerce (4F4-OI), which represents small and medium—sized enterprises in Milan and the surrounding Lombardy region.

Within the Italian Pavilion, Etere (464-05) is showcasing its Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) core solution, which the company claims is "the newest way to really modify the entire management structure of all media/IT industry companies".Etere MERP integrates all information throughout a media/IT company to facilitate the flow of information across all departments. In effect, it creates an extended integration between the company’s production facilities (newsroom, production, postproduction, playout and so on)and administration tools (scheduling, planning and business intelligence) with multi-channel multi-platform media content delivery.

"MERP approach is the challenge for the next era of broadcasting," contends Etere’s president, Fabio Gattari. "The need for managing and organising content in a complex multi-format and multi-delivery platform requires
an efficient structure provided with an easy interface able to perform the more complex tasks: this is MERP"

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