Big success for ETERE at BroadcastAsia 2011

29 июня 2011

Etere concluded a meaningful participation in Singapore with a focus on Etere MERP: Media Enterprise Resource Planning

Etere showed its entire products range, presenting comprehensive workflows for TV broadcasters and media companies with a focus on a new Etere MERP: Media Enterprise Resource Planning. Etere announces the success of its new concept to manage the structure of all media/IT industry companies, with a total system able to grow up with the company. MERP concept is able to make the workflow ‘smooth and intelligent’.
During the conference, a lot of interest has been focused on the talk given by Etere’s Asia Pacific Sales Manager, Fabio Gattari. The speech delivered an overview of the changes that are currently affecting the broadcast industry and the entire workflow and the future landing of this process.

The presentation covered all possible ways to introduce in a TV station the concept of the E.R.P. but applied to multimedia, an approach that will permit to have a total software solution able to computerize the entire lifecycle of the media industry. Fabio Gattari has illustrated the scenarios on which to create an extended integration between the company production facilities (newsroom, production, post-production, playout, etc.) and its various administrative tools (scheduling, planning, CRM and business intelligence) with a multichannel/multiplatform for the delivery of media content.
All this is the MERP concept that Etere already applied on its software solutions.

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