Dove TV has chosen Etere enterprise software solutions

12 May 2011

The Etere MERP approach has been provided to Dove Tv to create and run the workflows needed to manage and playout the new thematic channel

Dove TV is the new thematic satellite channel of RCS group, it’s dedicated to travels and those who loves to discover new places and traditions, inspired by the prestigious monthly magazine dedicated to travels and leisure. The Etere MERP approach (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) has been provided to the customer with the latest workflow-based modular software solutions which permit Dove TV to create, run and control all the workflows needed to manage and playout media contents of the TV station using a reliable, integrated and cost efficient distributed architecture. Dove Tv scheduling department is located in Milan while the ingest and playout center is located in Rome, so the operators create and manages daily scheduling remotely using the Etere Executive Editor tool that allows a frame accurate planning of all those assets intended to be aired and a comprehensive management of the related secondary events. Etere Ingest module is used to manually/automatically capture HiRes video contents into the video servers, after which an Etere transcoding process creates the corresponding proxy file that's used by the operators for previewing contents and inserting asset mark points (SOM, EOM, commercials break interruption point, bulk video, etc.)

The core of the playout center are Etere TV Automation Main & Clone modules which broadcast the entire TV channel programming alongside with the corresponding secondary events such as audio/video router switching, crawls and logos through a fully redundant architecture. Etere TV Automation engines are installed in two different PCs, they synchronously control the playout of the same playlist from the decoders of two video servers, thus granting transmission continuity both in case of failure or maintenance of the playout chain (audio/video devices, IT infrastructure, software upgrades/updates, etc.) due to the Etere TV Automation capability of switching automatically to clone in case of failure of the main chain. Media files are transferred among video servers (main and backup) and disks-based near-line storages, said media transfers are performed by Etere Media Manager which is responsible for content availability whenever and wherever they are required, according to the channel rules set in the workflow designed by the customer. When an event is scheduled to broadcast, it doesn't matter where the media is because Etere will send automatically the request to the Etere Media Manager in order to restore it where needed, on time.

Etere controls the following equipments all throughout ingest and playout processes:
- 2 GrassValley K2 stand/alone servers
- 1 disks-based nearline storage
- 2 VTRs ingest
- 1 Audio/Video router switcher Pro-Bel Sirius
- 1 Logo Miranda LGK 3901

Etere, a consistent system!

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