Imparja's Huge Expansion with ETERE

24 февраля 2011

“Imparja” is a private and fully commercial television company registered in the Australian Northern Territory

Imparja claims to be unique in the world, since is totally owned and controlled by Northern Territory and South Australian Aboriginal shareholders, who have never requested nor received a dividend, preferring to invest any profit back into the development of the company.

In 2007 Imparja choosed Etere and went on-air in 2008 in its new facility. It was a big jump from a tape based system to full automatic and tapeless. Now after that experience Imparja choose again Etere for its big expansion. From a single channel TV to a 5 channel system, even more tapeless then before. The second challenge was a single operator for multiple channels. Imparja is not a movie channel but has a very complex scheduling that includes lives from ch9, and they broadcast on 3 time zones in some part of the year.

This requires perfect time delay synchronization between the different channels and a scheduling frame accurate from when it’s delivered from traffic system. Etere is able to perform all those functions including the break-away for live sports with a single click. The new Imparja setup will also include a full HD channel. The other big challenge was to evolve from their existing traffic system. To avoid multiplying the employees by five Imparja needed more efficiency, to achieve this, they choosed the Etere integrated traffic system.

With Etere the number of clicks between bookings to billings will be reduced, and the share of information will allow multiplying the number of feed by 5 adding only 15% to the number of employees. It’s the 1ast time Etere Traffic will be installed in Australia and Etere developed the function to comply with Australian rules.

The efficiency improved will be even more because in Etere from bookings it’s possible to create the work orders for advertising or billboard production, and report them on the final invoice. Etere reporting services allows a complete Imparja related set of reports. Due to the distance of Imparja for the rest of Australia a tapeless reception will be set up for alternative file based delivery from anywhere; this will also include file based processing as Audio normalization.

Also there is an interface for all EPG with Cisco ROSA system, that will provide EPG information according to the Australian standard.
Devices controlled:
- 4 Omneon Mediadecks
- 2 Omneon Spectrums
- 1 Nvision Master Control
- 4 Harris Iconmaster
- 4 Ross Expression
- 1 Nvision router
- 2 Sony VTR
- 4 Editing FCP
- 45 Pc
- 1 Hp storage

Etere, a consistent system !

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