Etere goes Green Campaign: We act now to save the planet !

29 сентября 2010

Etere is a GREEN company. Please help us to reduce the environmental impact by downloading all the information you need from our new corporate site

We are all committed to build a clean world so we seek every reasonable opportunity to incorporate "green" practices into all aspects of our business.
We have reduced our electricity needs by some 25% percent plus an almost 40% natural gas saving, gas is used for heating in winter, thanks to a software engineered and implemented by the IT team that ensures minimum use of air conditioning, lighting and also by turning computers off when not in use. These results have been acquired considering an employees increase and business improvement during the latest years. Recycling is also important at ETERE and we make it possible reducing our paper consumption through paper-less invoicing, printing on both sides of each sheet whenever possible and reminding the recipients of our e-mails to think about the environment before printing.

Moreover all our documents regarding products and services are available accessing our corporate website. We are also looking closely at the impact we have on the environment in such areas as transportation. Currently 90% of full time employees live within 10 kilometers from work and the remaining 10% are located within 30 kilometers.
Other environmentally friendly practices include:
■ Print smart
■ Fix it, repair versus replace
■ Reuse, recycle, freecycle
■ software which controls light and air conditioner switches
■ office led lights
■ online check before buying unnecessary items

Positive Results
To validate the polices, we found a way to quantify the actual commitment using the carbon footprint well known as CO2 emission which is used to standardize greenhouse gas emissions and help make comparisons from different time periods.

IT Green Policies, No Money Savings!
Unfortunately we found a clear disconnection between ‘going green’ and demonstrable money savings.

A reduction in electricity consumption doesn't always mean to save money if the cost of electricity increases. However, we believe that all of our efforts will have some degree of impact on the environment. Therefore, we are looking to further contribute to a greener world. Together, we can make a difference!

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