Etere attend NABshow 2010

22 апреля 2010

Etere successful demonstration at one of the most important exhibition in the world, NAB SHOW 2010.

NAB 2010 is over and Etere is pleased to confirm the success of its tenth participation at NAB SHOW, Las Vegas Convention Centre.
Etere’s main focus at the Show was to showcase its consistent and fully comprehensive software solutions. Etere demonstrated its latest applications for broadcasters, production and post-production companies, content providers and more; among the range of Etere's products mainly highlighted during the event can be mentioned:

Driver for Matrox Video Cards
Etere MTX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market, completely based on latest Matrox technology. It is offered by Etere to drive the most popular HD/SD Matrox digital video/audio/graphics platforms without using middleware’s. It combines the professional video technology of Matrox with the reliability and efficiency of Etere. With Etere MTX you will be able to capture HD or SD video plus video proxy at the same time. Etere MTX supports a wide range of essences and wrappers to be compatible with any other devices of the broadcast market.

Media Assets Management
ETERE MAM is a highly effective digital content management solution that is designed specifically to streamline the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. A centralized solution for handling digital content and its associated metadata, its effective implementation both increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media. In a media rich archive, ETERE MAM simplifies the process of content management by streamlining the digital workflow allowing you to bring media content to the market faster and in multiple formats making sure all new media platforms are served with exceptional, frame accurate content.

Commercial Sales and Rights Management
Etere Airsales is an integrated commercial management system that looks after all aspects of commercial schedule planning from commercial contracts through to program rights management; from reservation of space to real-time schedule manipulation; from on-demand report generation to contract invoicing. Etere Airsales is a comprehensive application that allows you to centralize your commercial planning and increase your revenue through space optimization and controlled scheduling. Automated scheduling tools and extensive data sharing result in reduced operating costs.

The integrated nature of Etere Airsales ensures information is always visible in real-time allowing for enhanced inventory management and optimal decision-making.

Long-Term Archiving
Etere HSM is the cost-effective solution to radically streamline the management of expensive tape libraries; allowing stations to optimize the migration of contents including high and low versions as well as associated metadata. Etere HSM improves the management of libraries by controlling their mechanical movements through the HSM Robotics Control and HSM Data Pump applications, which are able to run several data pumps on different machines to boost their throughput, while offering access to real-time logs, reports and statistics.

Tapeless Workflow Media Management
Etere Workflow facilitates the management of the entire system by allowing a clear definition and visualization of each complex step of the broadcasting process, becoming into an crucial requisite for the overall system since all Etere modules are capable to use suitable workflows to carry out their work more automatically; multiple workflows can run simultaneously, working independently of each other but inline with the respective process they relate to.

TV Automation
Etere Automation is a powerful, reliable and modular broadcasting system, able to enhance broadcasters. Potential in terms of functions and workflow design. Its unique approach combines in a single product real-time device control and media asset management, offering a powerful mix of solutions and capabilities.

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