RAI on-air with Etere file based loudness control

28 апреля 2010

RAI announces that from 7th February the file based loudness control of commercials is on air.

RAI – Radioteleviosione Italiana, the public service broadcaster it’s also the biggest television company in Italy, uses ETERE from 1993 to manage all its advertising content, and to runs a lot of channels.

The Italian Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) has recently approved the n. 34/09/CSP legislation concerning noise pollution, it mainly consists in the determination of standard maximum volume levels for commercial advertisement broadcasting, according to this legislation, it will be forbidden to broadcast commercials considered “excessively noisy or strident”, that is, that exceed the standard levels established and specified in the previous ITU-R BS1770 and ITU-R BS1771 recommendaions.

In these terms, all Italian broadcasters must check the audio level of their entire assets archive; the RAI groups intends to be one of the first broadcasters to adhere to this legislation by achieving a consistent loudness output, and has chosen Etere to accomplish this goal.

Thanks to Etere, the loudness control has started as file based control. The ingest and file transfer function are still the same as before but inside the Workflow a new step includes the loudness control.

With this approach in few days the whole archive was converted and fore new video the changes in the operator procedure are minimal.

RAI choose this edge technology approach because it’s affordable, and easy to use when integrated in Etere workflow system.

Etere File based loudness control is one of the multiple function offered by Etere for a complete file based and paperless workflow.

In RAI both Etere Ingest and Tapeless Reception use the new workflow step to control loudness.
This is another step in the long success story of innovations of Etere.