Etere was at NABshow 2006

05 May 2006

Etere presented its range of modules to the professional broadcast market at the world's largest electronic media show, covering the development, delivery and management of professional video and audio content across all media

Visitors have seen how Etere solutions are designed to help broadcasters achieve their goals by enabling greater productivity, reduced costs, new revenue streams and assured communications as they deliver content to their consumers.
Etere’s capability, combined with its versatility, creates expandable software able to fit every type of system and suit the most varied demands. Etere software is based on its flexible architecture that allows optimizing broadcaster procedures, interfacing with the most common devices used in the world broadcast.

Etere solution is complete and easy to be used, able to satisfy every need in field of automation, recording, filing, planning and advertising management. Etere technical support, grants 24 hours on 24 / 7 days on 7 all over the world a prompt resolution of the problem working directly on customer Pc.
Etere offers a complete solution that includes all the aspect of a TV station, automation, scheduling, traffic and media management. It will show to broadcasters an edge technology solution at a reasonable price, with more features than any other.
Moreover, Etere is the only company worldwide able to offer you a single solution in a single package.