ETERE Integrates Digimetrics Aurora

17 февраля 2016

The MERP-based integration that empowers your ETERE's cloud storage with a next generation QC!

ETERE is glad to report the enhancement of its workflow media capabilities with the recent
integration of Digimetrics Aurora, the automated file-based QC software for identification of
visual, audio and metadata issues on files stored in the ETERE Cloud.
Aware of the increasing need of verifying the quality of digital media stored in cloud
environments, ETERE has integrated AURORA to ensure the quality content before transfers,
archive and playout. The SOAP-based integration streamlines the QC process with versatile
workflows and easy-to-use GUI that overlap Aurora QC's verification units running in
The integration of Digimetrics is a significant leap forward for flexible and efficient quality control as it eliminates unnecessary drop folders and bandwidth usage as content quality is tested without moving the file from cloud devices.
QC results are automatically gathered in the ETERE database in form of EDL marks and PDF
reports linked to verified media. The key MAM integration enables operators to review media
that has reported QC issues and make editing decisions from both central and remote locations
using EtereWeb clients.

Integrate Digimetrics into ETERE and get the features below:
■ Cost-effective, Software-only and Scalable
■ Streamlined and Automated Workflow Control
■ Nvidia CUDA GPU and Multi-core Processing
■ Fast and Simultaneous File Access
■ Customizable QC Control Level
■ Industry's Standard Codecs & Wrappers Support
■ Numerous Audio, Video and Metadata Tests
■ Report Analytics and Notification
■ Standard IT hardware requirements


The wide range of control detection artifacts includes:
■ Visual artifacts: Macro-block Noise/Cloud, Up-conversion, Field Order Swaps, Tape/Digital
Hits, Black/Freeze Frames, Letter-boxing/Pillar-boxing, Color Bars, PSE Detection, etc. ■ Audio artifacts: Silence, Drop-outs, Peaks (dBTP, PPM, dBFS), Average Levels (R128,
ATSC, ARIB), Clipping, Snaps/Clicks/Pops, Test Tones, Phase Swaps, etc. ■ Metadata artifacts: 608&708 captions, teletext, DVB subtitles, SDB/ARIB, Transport/Program
Stream, etc.

As usual with MERP Cloud suite, high flexibility, scalability and efficiency is guaranteed for
Digimetrics quality checks performed against media stored in the ETERE cloud-storage, using
intelligent workflows to dramatically automate media operations, resources management and
information sharing. The MERP framework gives the ability to add further workflow QC tasks
wherever manual human supervision is required.

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