Radio TV Link: LaEFFE goes to air with an Etere solution

17 February 2016

LaEFFE has chosen ETERE to bring to air its quality entertainment programming.

ETERE announced that a modular enterprise-class solution has been implemented for LaEFFE
(, establishing a fully tapeless environment to automate the management and
broadcast of programs while increasing the content sharing capabilities of the facility.
LaEFFE is the television channel owned by the Gruppo Feltrinelli to bring viewers with news
and reports information while entertaining them with documentary films, art movies and TV
series on major digital platforms including terrestrial, internet and mobile.
LaEFFE is airing since May 2013 on digital terrestrial channel 50 supported by ETERE in
partnership with television production and broadcast service provider, 3ZERO2. An Etere MERP
approach has been deployed to provide a comprehensive system able to manage all activities
from ingest to playout, content indexing and metadata insertion to scheduling, archiving to
The flexibility, scalability and cost benefits expected by LaEFFE have been assured thanks to
the use of latest workflow-based technology for the creation, execution, monitoring and control
of all required content management and archiving operations including:

■ Entire digital ingest of media content
■ Integrated and highly effective QC workflows
■ Content indexing and metadata insertion
■ Scheduling and preview of primary and secondary events
■ Fully redundant automation
■ Automatic generation of proxy files for browsing
■ Nearline and deep archive storage for digitized content
■ Highly effective integration of post-production systems
■ Multi-user web interface for a complete content control
■ Web portal for the tapeless reception of file-based content
■ Remote creation of airing schedules

Digital Playout and Ingest

Etere has perfectly supported the MediaPort modules of an Omneon Spectrum to provide
professional multi-format SDI ingest and playout capabilities. Video content is mainly acquired
via SDI using Etere Ingest which thanks to a user-friendly interface and preset layouts allows a
quick capture of new material; instead, where a file-based acquisition is required, Etere
Tapeless Reception is used to enable requested material to be uploaded through a secure and
reliable web portal. Both, SDI and tapeless ingest methods comprises a post-ingest workflow
management that includes key operations such as automatic/manual QC, proxy creation, HiRes
transcoding, long-term archiving, content management, rights management and much more. Etere STMan is the module that ensures an advanced graphics management including
extended EPG functions, simultaneously controlling a Vertigo graphics system and a Miranda
LGK-3901 as fault-tolerance backup.
Hyerarchical Storage

Etere HSM is the intelligent and user friendly hierarchical storage management system used to
control the "Deep Archive" consisting of a StorageTek SL3000 robotic digital tape library
supporting 325 slots and 3 LTO5 drives (1,5TB capacity per LTO5 cassette); additionally, an
Omneon MediaGrid and several Nearline storages are also managed for HiRes and Proxy
content storage. Media transfers between storage devices are flawlessly managed by Etere
Data Mover, which thanks to a workflow-based approach and concurrency capabilities provides
a superb timing and effectiveness for file copies and also custom trancodings, this, thanks to
the integration of the powerful Etere HiRes Transcoder module.
Streamlined Scheduling

A standing proof of efficient remote working has been implemented for the planning of
broadcast schedules, allowing LaEFFE editors to remotely access -via terminal server- the
Etere Scheduling system on 3ZERO2 to directly manage playlists by viewing, inserting and
modifying scheduled events. Another remarkable feature provided to LaEFFE consist of the
ability to automatically import commercials playlist received from 3rd parties, speeding up the
scheduling process while ensuring on-air reliability.
Video Logging

Etere Memory has been provided to allow LaEFFE to reliably comply with the legal
requirements on video logging, enabling the automatic digitization on hard-disk of either the
entire 24hours programming broadcast or only specific time periods. Content is recorded using
a WMV compression format and it's self-maintained thanks to an automatic deletion of old files. A robust and user-friendly interface allows browsing recorded content from network and internet
computers, enabling operators to tag content to facilitate their future searches as well as
retrieving specific partial portions of video.
Key Benefits

The decision of using a workflow-driven approach based on new cutting edge technologies for a
tapeless, file-based and paperless solution has produced significant benefits including:
■ Fully integrated environment to manage all departments operations
■ Hihgly customized and automated workflows
■ Overall efficiency, resources optimization and operating cost reduction
■ Satisfied content management and security needs
■ Lower number of movements for the management of tapes
■ Reduction of information losses and format re-conversions
■ Hierarchical storage management for online, nearline and offline content

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