Etere Advanced QC Unveils Enhanced Capabilities

23 March 2016

Etere unveils the all-new cloud-ready solution that is able to provide significant time saving in QC tasks due to the fact that it is not necessary to reanalyze content in the event of changing thresholds.

Etere is amongst worldwide leaders in broadcast technologies and is always on the quest to be at the forefront of the latest technology. Etere provides unmatched value with Etere QC which will be part of Etere MAM at no additional cost. In its latest release, Etere unveils the next-generation Etere Advanced QC which comes with all-new and advanced features.
Integrated and In-depth Analysis

Etere Advanced QC is built with an integrated modular architecture and is designed to perform comprehensive Quality Control (QC) via workflow. The advanced video quality check software system is able to analyze an expansive list of file formats including support for all major wrappers and all compression schemas.
Etere Advanced QC is a cloud-ready solution that is able to automatically detect and mark audio/video issues such as freeze frames, black frames, scene changes, audio loss, video block, video blur, luminance line errors, chrominance line errors, audio clipping, scene cut detection, luminance headroom violations, chroma headroom violations and more. In addition, the robust and comprehensive software has the capacity to deliver analysis from live sources. Etere Advanced QC also comes with clustering and easy load balancing.
Capable Multi-tasking

The powerful multi-tasking solution is capable of supporting simultaneous multi-users, multi-formats, multi-levels reporting environments, multi parameters analysis and parallel analysis of multiple and simultaneous sources.

Etere basic QC license will be part of Etere MAM at no additional charge. With such comprehensive features, Etere Advanced QC is set to become a valuable addition that allows you to maximise your assets and produce quality content.

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