Moving from Tapeless to Paperless

14 октября 2009

Etere 19 raises the bar for Tapeless workflow and MAM.

The Tapeless current behaviour is to turn tape movement into file movements, but all is still performed manually. Tapeless has a big disadvantage that stops its implementation into well organized companies; where you cannot attach a signed receipt to a file.
Tapeless is today mainly used in news, where speed is more important. The challenge is to extend tapeless along the entire station, to build a 3000 employees TV where no physical tapes are needed.
To achieve this goal you need to attach paper receipts to files, in consequence you need a Paperless TV, where metadata, authorization and signatures run in an electronic highway. This approach is not difficult, today the complete organization of a company is mainly paperless;
excepting Etere any other solution push this model on the rich media market.
Etere is the only company moving towards this direction for a long time, Etere develop unique
functions as:
􀂃 Document management
􀂃 Digital signatures or something equivalent
􀂃 Unlimited layers of access. 􀂃 Full tracking and permission on every metadata changes. 􀂃 Virtualization of the storage
􀂃 Virtualization of NLE
􀂃 Virtualization of playback video server
􀂃 Fully customizable metadata driven workflow.

Etere’s virtualization model allows all users to abstract themselves from the physical machines, when they receive a file and they send it to the system, or to the on-air, but they have not knowledge about the physical position of each file. This approach increase security, if you do not know, you or any virus, cannot access destroy or change without authorization.
After Tapeless after MAM is time to really move from tape based system to fully ERP based. This is why Etere is pushing an MERP solution, ERP technologies with rich media extension.

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