Etere for a new TV channel Video Italia

20 October 1998

ETERE Main for the compilation of VIDEO ITALIA play-out list.

Like RADIO ITALIA, a radio station broadcasting only Italian music,
VIDEO ITALIA, the television counterpart has chosen ETERE Automation. VIDEO ITALIA started operation as a fully automated full caching TV station.
The on-air schedule is unique since it consists of very shot duration events, video clips, commercial spots
and variety of promos all managed byETERE Automation software.
With the exception of some live broadcast, the remainder
of the daily program is provided by a BM800 Seachange series video server fully controlled by ETERE Automation software.
VIDEO ITALIA uses ETERE Main for the compilation of the play-out list. ETERE Music Manager handles the on-air transmission all the musical clips based on the
sequence, music format, time slots, and other operator’s or station ’s manager preferences. ETERE Autromation fully controls the Seachange video server, but at the same time giving
the operator the flexibility of making last minute changes
To the on –air schedule. Should the main video server fail, ETERE reverts automatically to a back-up program
schedule of video material coming from another video server or VTR’s.