Etere Automation for RTV 38: tuscan television

22 июля 1999

Now on its 25th anniversary, RTV 38 is and remains Tuscany’s historic Television.

For 25 years RTV 38 has been integral part of the daily life
For thousands of Tuscans. On the 25th anniversary, Boris Mugnai, the moving force behind the whole operation, has implemented a radical technological transformation.

Now the elegant facilities of RTV 38, beside history, they encompass a wealth of technology. All the operating modules
are connected via a 10/100 Mbps network thru a LAN system based on Novell and Windows NT utilizing 20 PC’s running on Pentium II and III.
The station is relying on a Seachange Media Cluster server using Mpeg-2 and SDI output. The complete system is controlled using ETERE software
in its most complete form. In fact ETERE handles all commercial spot management, complete automation with 3 split channels backing-up the main output and the routing switcher. A low quality output is also provided in order to monitor and preview of all recorded clips on the server.

The retrieval of archive content is extremely fast and can be retrieved by date,duration, category etc. ETERE keeps track of the percentage of advertising so that the legal limits are not exceeded. Statistics of the type o programs and programmaterial aired are kept in ETERE database.

Thanks to ETERE Automation all aspects of RTV are easily controlled and managed.

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