Etere Wins MMTC

25 марта 2008

MMTC, a University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has chosen Etere for its Multimedia Training Centre to to teach and train students.

MMTC, Multimedia Training Centre, is a University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

MMTC has a small station for the campus where they have setup a TV studio and Master control room to teach and train students about real TV operations.
They have chosen Etere as it’s the best advanced system on the broadcasting market. It represents a benchmark for any future automation system. The system is small but it includes all the technologies of an advanced television:
■ Videoserver based playout
■ Integrated browsing system for Tapeless operation
■ Off air logging recording for quality check
■ Control of primary and secondary events
■ Media asset management system
■ SMPTE based metadata database

MMTC System Controls:
■ Grass valley Turbo videoserver
■ Evertz router
■ Evertz master control
■ Evertz logo generator
■ Sony E_vtr

Etere TV management solution has greatly improved students’ training on how a TV station operates. The University management feel confident that the system they have chosen will satisfy all their key requirements and provide a good solution.
Etere, a consistent system!

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