MTX Master Control gets upgraded with more features

11 февраля 2015

The upgrade brings a new graphic style and adds new exciting features to an IT-based playout!

ETERE, worldwide provider of software solutions for broadcast and media companies, is pleased to announce an upgraded version of MTX Master Control empowered with a restyled interface, more functionalities, higher scalability and widen hardware support to perform master control operations with just a touch of the screen.

MTX Master Control is the IT-based and cost-effective solution to easily control multiple channels with the following features:
    ■ Friendly touch-screen panel (GUI)
    ■ Preset and preview bars for fast switching
    ■ Default configuration (A/B) needs a SD/HD 2IN-2OUT card
    ■ Up to 8 logo layers with multiple sizes per decoder
    ■ Unlimited number of input channels plus one Crawl/CG
    ■ Audio shuffling and control as well as dolby-e pass-through
    ■ Switch with transition effects (e.g. cut, fade, etc.)
    ■ Multiple PC's installations (e.g. for a 2nd EE monitor)
    ■ Simple software upgrade for customers already using MTX

MTX enables you to have full Master Control functionalities with only one video card, whether in SD or HD without additional costs. Thanks to its reduced cost, broadcasters can have a fully redundant MC based on a main/clone fault-tolerant deployment.

MTX offers uncompromised playout ideally suited to the requirements of primetime TV channels, it system delivers superb picture quality due to a reduced number of broadcast devices and a native Digital signal processing.

MTX can be used for more than 10 years with no changes, the free upgrade policy of Etere allows broadcasters to use the same system for years and thus save their investments.

The IT-based architecture of MTX allows to easily increase channels without traditional scaling constraints, its simplified system design will allows a much faster deployment of new facilities, additional channels and services.

Last but not least, MTX Master Control is part of the Etere MERP Cloud suite, thus leveraging an automated and intelligent management of media and metadata across ingest, content management, playout, traffic, archiving, and monitoring.


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