Etere Controls 6 New Satellite Channels for Tiziana SAT

19 августа 2003

Tiziana SAT has chosen Etere software for the management of its 6 new satellite channels. It has renewed its confidence in Etere with this latest upgrade.

After the good installation and the good work that Etere has done for Tiziana SAT, La Marchigiana has chosen ETERE software again for the management of its 6 new satellite channels.
Tiziana Sat Network was born with the precise idea of a ‘satellite television dedicated only to the lottery, fortune-telling and astrology.

Etere manages the on-air of the 6 channel and it controls a BMC SeaChange with 2 inputs (the 1st for Mpeg2 compression files and the 2nd for Mpeg1) and 2 outputs.

Etere controls a VTR for the ingestion, controlled via RS422, dedicated to the filing/ingestion. The 6 channels are independent and they have a digital system thanks to the full caching technology.
To obtain the best data protection for the On-air, and to avoid any problem in case of a malfunction, the system was completely redounded with the Backup One to Many: a single supply for all 6 channels, so there is a considerable economy.
ETERE doesn’t manage only the on-air, but also the general scheduling (with the instant editor that allows last minute changes) and the commercial management (including contracts and invoicing management).

Included in the system is the Browsing feature, which allows the creation of on-air scheduling while viewing, low quality video of all the available material, on the PC monitor.

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