U-Life moves to MERP

30 октября 2013

Taiwan's leading home shopping television network, U-LIFE, has upgraded with Etere MERP.

U-life, a leading home shopping television network based in Taipei, Taiwan will use Etere MERP to improve its operations and add two more playout channels.

At present, ETERE helps its Taiwanese partner to manage the playout of its five cable channels; now, U-Life is planning to expand storage system through the addition of two Harmonic Mediadeck video servers. Etere is providing another convenient, cost-efficient, and uncompromising solution for bringing the U-Life channels to air, being worth mentioning that this Expansion is based on the up-to-date ETERE 23 and a streamlined MERP design.

U-Life is using Etere Automation to send on-air five channels' schedules including secondary events such logos and transitions. The overall playout system includes a backup automation system able to replace any Main Automation in case of failure. Moreover, each Automation controls independent video routers, offering a dedicated management and enhanced playout fault tolerance.

ETERE provides also ETERE MTX to manage video sources for studio and definitely to improve the playout with fast access to all video contents, able to play multiple formats with no conversion, including a graphics engine which allows overlaying fixed Logos and Crawls. Moreover, an automatic archiving and restoring is performed by Etere HSM, which allows a long-term storage of video content in cartridges within a digital tape library. Etere system for U-LIFE also interfaces Quantum tape library.

ETERE is the leading company dedicated to the best of IT and broadcast, having the strongest market and an edge technology, through an innovative architectural excellence and the best flexibility, since 23 years, going beyond the traditional MAM design, with a extraordinary integrated solution and providing to the media station the tools of tomorrow to have a complete and accurate control on the full company lifecycle.
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