HTV Upgrades with Etere

03 мая 2013

HTV strengthens the partnership with ETERE MERP system started 5 years ago.

HTV joined ETERE community in 2009, upgrading its old system with ETERE, consisting in a new setup composed by 2 big different video servers: one disk archive and a LTO library system. HTV found exactly the successfull solution to the management of the broadcasting activities, selecting tapeless solutions provided by ETERE. Now HTV chooses to expand highly this system,specifically the LTO Petasite library migrates to LTO5 and upgrades to 500 slots to facilitate the accommodation of the huge quantity of video files that HTV produced during the last years. It’s worth mentioning that also the number of LTO drivers managed by the system has got increased to 3 by adding a new Etere Data Pump. In order to improve the system performance, a new disk archive has been added based on Harmonic MediaGrid. During the upgrade ETERE 23 was installed to get the enhanced performance provided by the last release of Etere. The new data movers deliver 30% more performance on the same hardware platform whereas the upgraded transcoding performs 20% faster. Once again, Etere system improves the broadcasting productivity.
Etere a consistent system!

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