Etere Moves HTV to a Tapeless Media Management

21 июля 2009

HTV Improves Its Media Storage and Playout System with an Etere-Based Tapeless Solution

Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City; currently HTV broadcasts in both analog and digital through two channels: HTV7 for Entertainment & Advertisement and HTV9 for Information & Official Propaganda; HTV also has several specific cable and digital television channels which made of HTV one of the biggest television broadcaster in Vietnam. HTV has relied on Etere the implementation of a Digital Archive and a comprehensive Traffic System on its station. Etere manage all the cutting-edge storage devices provided by its partners, to connect the Archive, Production and Transmission departments, and carry out the entire Media Management as a fully integrated workflow system, which owing to its modular composition, has been successfully incorporated with Etere Traffic, the software that enables HTV to carry out efficient and accurately its entire commercial scheduling.

The Media Management cycle begins with the ingestion of media, which occurs by various means, all of them greatly managed by Etere Recording, which creates new media assets through a simple and user-defined process, and stores them, through Etere Media Manager, into its final destination, defined in the system workflow.

All the Production Systems currently used by HTV are fully supported and managed by Etere Transcoding, the application which ensures a suitable encoding every time a file is transferred to another device. Long-term Storage and Data Movement between devices, are carried out by Etere HSM, the software with the ability of performing automatic migration of media, based only on predefined rules.

Etere MAM implements advanced search capabilities to enhance Metadata Insertion, Low Resolution Browsing and Media Cataloguing, tasks which can also be carried out by Etere Web, the web application that allows librarians to insert additional metadata to digital files, for describe more specifically their details through a user-friendly environment.

All tools required for managing the schedule of commercial assets, are completely provided by Etere Traffic, the application which offer a complete suite of modules to manage commercials, from their schedule to their invoicing, caring in this way the most delicate part of overall process, the broadcasting of advertisement.

Two of the nine channels currently broadcasted by HTV, are fully controlled by Etere Automation, which ensures great performance and reliability for the Playout process, by the use of ultimate fault-tolerance solutions as the implementation of Backup Servers and independent databases for each channel. Etere Automation, due to the distributed architecture of Etere, applies immediately any change made on the Etere Traffic Schedule, without having to reload the whole playlist, it allows operators to save time and avoid the insecurity of manual modifications.

Digicast, Authorized Distributor of Etere in Vietnam, has performed the installation and system integration of ETERE, enabling HTV to control various types of devices along its entire broadcasting process chain, among them, we can mention:
- 1 Sony Petasite CSM200B/1
- 1 SeaChange ML1G
- 1 SeaChange BML 6000
- 5 Sony IMX VTR
- 1 Gigabit Switch
- 1 Miranda Presmaster
- 30 computers including Servers and Workstations
- 1 Avid Unity
- 3 DPS Velocity

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