Etere Adopts EGTA standard

25 марта 2013

EGTA metadata has been adopted by ETERE with version 23.3 to allow an easy and automatic exchange of advertising files.

EGTA is the metadata schema suggested by EBU (European Broadcasting Union) to better describe advertising in a file exchange scenario.

Nowadays, in broadcasting market largely dominated by file-based production and tapeless file exchange (e.g. using file transfer protocols over a network), the management of accurate information on the editorial and technical nature of the material is vital. The technical answer to this requirement is called "Metadata".

Etere uses metadata to represent "information" according to a commonly agreed and machine interpretable format (consisting of a Metadata schema and an associated language such as XML, which is used in this specification). The metadata schema chosen by ETERE is based on EBUCore (Tech 3293), which has been defined and validated by EBU and EGTA experts.
Both Etere F90 (using a drop folder) or Etere Tapeless Reception (using a dedicated interface) can accept an EGTA Metadata structure and compile all the material’s related information, thus reducing human keyboard typing while streamlining the overall exchange process.
The EGTA Metadata import will be available free of charge from version 23.3 for all Etere customers with a valid support contract.
Etere a consistent system!

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