Etere for CH-3

07 апреля 2004

Continues the great success of Etere in Asia with the installation of a commercial playout server based on Ch-3 Thailand.

The great Etere success in Asia continues.

Later have installed the almost the totality of the Philippine TV stations, to India, etc., arrive here the first important installation in Thailand. The customer is the important CH-3, located in Bangkok.
Etere has had big support from the Sony Corporation of Hong Kong, which in this streching has made from System integrator.

Etere pilots two MAV-70XGI/73 and a MAV-70XGI.
The system has been provided of ETERE Media Manager, which is used for the total control and the total organization of all the video-material of the channel.

It is a revolutionary automatic system, what allows defining the relations between the devices and its roots video-material by using the correct path. It’s responsible in this specific case for moving the files between the server and the archive.

The system design has two playout server and one ‘library server’, so the ability of Etere to have the right file on the right server is a key in this project.

Etere interfaces to the CH3 CMS, to archive the current playlist and give back the as run logs. One of the keys of this success are to the ETERE capacity ‘to use Thai language perfectly', Etere is able to run Thai in every aspect of the system, description, codes, reports all use Thai language. No other competitors has had this solution to be offered to the customer.

Only Etere offers the opportunity to have automation software in any language. The Italian company has suitably developed for the Asiatic market this feature: ETERE offers the chance to compile the TV program in language which is wished (also with the writing of titles, codes, notes, etc). And making the searches for the clip in the database so as simple, fast and without any kind of mistake.
Etere, a consistent system!

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