Content and Technology - Nation Group

09 ноября 2012

Content and technology reported on Thailand's Nation Group Logs with Etere. For the full article, please view the attachment.

Nation Multimedia Group Public Company Limited is a media company based in Thailand. Together with United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), Nation Group has recently launched its own 24-cable news TV channel, the first ever in Thailand, in both Thai and English language. The channel provides breaking news, in-depth news reporting on politics, the economy, sports and social events from both local and international sources. With a short on-air deadline of just three months, Etere and Strong Brothers (Etere's Thai Distributor), along with Nation TV staff commissioned the new logging system to complement the young station's new workflow. Nation TV uses Etere Memory to control the post on-air of its four channels (Nation Channel, Mango TV, ASEAN TV, Crime Watch Channel). Etere Memory is the solution for logging all the video channels of Nation TV since it is able to record all programs transmitted by the station and thus keep track of everything that run within custom time slots.

The broadcast programming of Nation TV is recorded in a space-saving low resolution format (WMV and WMA) providing further capabilities to search and review programs recorded on specific dates and times. Additionally, operators are enabled to record and view clips at the same time with only a few second delay. Nation TV's operators ca manage the entire logged video archive thanks to a browsing interface which allows turning a selected video into sub-clips, inserting time-codes and sending final videos to specialized departments. The interface provides information on the current recorded file size and the remaining free disk space, and operators can have a chart audience wizard related to the recorded video.