Etere in Lebanon for Al-Manar TV

04 июня 2004

ETERE has installed the first two channels in Lebanon.

It is possible really to say that the Italian company's great success 'does not have limits'. Later having gained Europe and Asia passes to the North-African market.

Al-Manar TV is a Lebanese TV station that aims to preserve the islamic values and to enhance the civilized role of the Arab and Islamic Community.

Al-Manar is the first Arab establishment to stage an effective psychological warfare against the Zionist enemy. Political, cultural and social affairs are of special importance o the station's programs.

In its course of work, Al-Manar focuses on live talk shows and dialogue programs in which it makes sure to bring out different thoughts and beliefs, in addition to the participation of the viewers in the dialogues.

The TV station has been provided of by now famous ETERE Automation: it gives you an integrated automation system able to share information with all the TV infrastructures.

It controls all devices which are normally used in any station. In this specific case it pilots: videoserver SeaChange BMC, Master Control Switch M2100, Inscriber Extreme Character Generators, MGI 3700 logo generator and 2 Vtr DNW-A75 for the ingestion.

For the media preparation ETERE Recording is used with both functions automatic Caching and the manual recording.

The redundancy of the system is on charge of ETERE Clone: 2 Automation Controller, separated but completely synchronized between them, that contain and playing 2 different copies of the same playlist.

The system is completely Full Caching, with all the advantages which come: extreme flexibility, quality, reliability, possibility to manage real time broadcasting and pulling down of the costs. Commercials don’t have to be prepared in advance and also you can modify your schedule in any moment and in any format.

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