EA3262 Etere Channelport Driver

26 сентября 2012

A complete and high performing solution to simplify integration and workflow

Etere releases the Omneon ChannelPort driver to manage the scheduling and secondary events.

This collaboration between Etere and Omneon has proven to be very productive and of great value in performance.

The project combines workflow media software from Etere and the new ChannelPort driver a full integration to simplify the management of assets and content across the entire media enterprise.

After a careful preliminary test, Etere system is able to control the new ChannelPort driver, the next-generation branded playout solution of Spectrum family. Etere software engineers completed and tested the driver, in order to have an integrated channel playout platform thanks to Etere and Omneon. Etere’s reputation for excellence and well-established performance has realized a reliable managing solution that sits at the heart of any media organization.

Etere gives to the ChannelPort an integrated scheduling system based on SQL database. The users have freedom in scheduling programs, providing simulations, analysis, high and low resolution previews. The schedule editor is frame accurate and operators no longer have to deal with fillings or cuts. Everything can be decided directly by the scheduling office.

Etere STM permits a highly real time management of secondary events associated to scheduled events. It manages all graphical elements and device commands in a simply way, without limit of the amount of secondary events. More secondary events can be added when required.

Etere and Omneon solution simplifies integration and workflow, lower equipment purchase expenditures, and reduce maintenance and operations costs. This combination enables organization capabilities and comprehensive integration, ensuring that content can be located, managed and delivered with ease and reliability.

Etere is the System for Lifetime, we sold not rent our system! Etere solutions are available at an affordable cost and are deployed to enhance your media business.

Etere, a Consistent System!

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