Etere for TVRI: First the Automation then the Traffic System

11 October 2005

TVRI renews a vote of confidence in Etere solutions.

Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) is a state-owned television station, the oldest television station in Indonesia, and the only broadcaster with national coverage. It is based in Senayan, Central Jakarta. TVRI chooses ETERE to manage and program the new commercial installation for its TV station. As expected, the Italian company has been confirmed again, considering the fact that at the begin of this year TVRI’s management has chosen ETERE software for the playout system.

What convinced TVRI to reconfirm the software is that the first installation has never stopped, not even for a single frame, from the day it has been installed. Moreover, the operators are very satisfied, because in these months they have tested the work with ETERE software; they have found it very accurate and simple to use.

The basic necessity of this client was to have the maximum security and protection for their On-air. All the scheduling, ingest, planning and broadcasting steps are managed by the modules of ETERE company. The first installation was composed of the following areas: scheduling system for play-lists, schedule management, automatic and manual ingestion, quality control and backup copies management. Moreover, a low resolution video was generated in order to give to scheduling operator the possibility to browse the content from their ordinary PCs.

The preparation of the video material done completely with ETERE Recording: the complete media preparation system integrated with the automation.

With the second installation ETERE will manage the complete scheduling of commercials and invoicing management with ETERE Traffic. With ETERE Traffic the operators can sold the commercials not according to “time slots” but according to program blocks. It offers the possibility to sell commercials independently from time changes in the schedule. ETERE Traffic offers the big opportunity to “simulate” a scheduling. It’s able to insert over 300 commercials per minute and the commercial crowding is real-time.

The Traffic system is will be integrated with the browsing: in this way the operator can preview the video and approve it in a complete tapeless workflow. Also it very simple to do the cut editing for the commercial insertions. There is will also the integration with ETERE Web: it is the new way to publish ETERE system data and access it using only a browser. With it, the agents are able to monitorize in real-time all contracts they’re responsible of, and so can do commercial agencies, media centers, up to the final users. The most important thing is that the operators from the programming office can accomplish this without any extra work. It uses only data you already have.
Etere, a consistent system!

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