Etere at Media Convergence Open-House 2012

08 августа 2012

Etere has concluded a meaningful contribution at Manila with a focus on a MERP System for all activities in a media company

Etere has renewed the success of its products among Philippines market, glad to have been supported by Media Convergence, its historical distributor.
Etere has concluded its presence at the open-house, held last week with the attendance of its President and Asia Pacific Sales, Mr. Fabio Gattari.
During the event, a lot of interest has been created around Etere solutions and Gattari speech, who has delivered to the broadcasters an overview of the changes currently affecting the broadcast industry and its entire workflow, as well as the evolution of the whole broadcast market. Mr. Gattari, Asia Pacific Sales, showed the evolution of the entire broadcast market.
“Etere has achieved unprecedented success in the Philippines. We have done a lot of installations in the last 10 years for the most important broadcasters! Our goal is creating high quality, truly innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions, and I've been extremely pleased to show to the participants our new, innovative workflow solutions", said Fabio Gattari. During the speech, Mr. Gattari explained the differences between the past and the future in two different areas:
• IT for management, planning and cost control
• video for management of video materials
There's no interaction between them and remain completely separated areas. Etere MERP system is able to automate all the activities with an integrated software application. It uses a global framework to manage all the business and keep metadata updated in real-time; now the workflow is really ‘smooth and intelligent’!

Mr. AL Z. Banguilan, Media Convergence CEO was very satisfied for the success of the event organized by his company, as it counted many attendees. “The participants have been giving great feedback. The event was fruitful to them and they do appreciate our efforts to bring your equipment and technologies“ he said. Etere, a consistent system!

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