Etere in Thailand for Shin Satellite

04 October 2005

Shin Satellite, the first privately owned satellite company in Thailand selects Etere Automation for its reliable and powerful performance.

Shin Satellite Public Company Limited was founded in 1991 after it was granted a license from Thailand 's Ministry of Transport and Communications permitting it to launch and operate satellites.

It was the first company in Thailand to be allowed to do this, and the first privately-owned satellite company in Asia. Shin Satellite now has three satellites in geostationary orbit with corresponding Thai-based customer service facilities.

Its services help companies and governments broadcast television, connect to the Internet via satellite or link communications among countries under the Thaicom footprint, which covers Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe. Shin Satellite offers teleport facility to different station.
To increase their offer they are proposing also an automation system with a videoserver based transmission. For this reason they has chosen ETERE company to manage all the broadcast automation aspects. ETERE Automation sends on-air all schedules formerly prepared in ETERE Main. This software manages video-servers, master-controls, switches, titlers and logo generators.

Other than basic automation, ETERE has provided Shin Satellite with a lot of additional features like:
- Browsing: it’s perfectly integrated with ETERE Automation. It’s a broadcast solution with J&S and audio scrub. It has the ability to preview also subtitling. Moreover, it can preview while the operator are still recording
- Transcoding: to create the low-res copy of the video. The low res can be streamed through a network using the Windows streaming facilities. - ETERE Memory for Tape on air recording: to record 90 days on the system and also give you the alarm of the video becomes back for more than some seconds. - ETERE SNMP: they use this network protocol to manage all error messages regarding ETERE software. PC is used as a SNMP Console and it manages all SNMP messages. Other PCs have the SNMP Agent installed and they send messages related to the ETERE software in some particular cases. The SNMP console resend all warning and error to the ETERE office SNMP console.
We remember that this is second ETERE’s installation in Thailand, after CH3, with Sony Thai.

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