Solar TV Integrated Etere MTX Playout for 32 MTX Ports

25 июля 2012

Solar TV, an Etere’s historical customer with a close partnership started in 2003, chooses Etere MTX for its channels

Solar TV Network Inc. is a broadcast television arm of Solar Entertainment Corporation in the Philippines.
Solar TV is one of the Etere’s most senior customers, the playout of its 7 channels is managed by Etere Automation since 9 years whereas Etere Media Asset Management integrates its archive and to digitally connect all the functions inside the channels since 2006. After a successful and long experience with Etere, Solar TV has confirmed the Italian company as the most important broadcast supplier. Now, the customer has decided to upgrade its playout system with Etere MTX for 32 channels!
Etere platform has improved the playout channels with a fully integrated and full caching workflow to make staff more productive and get content on-air faster and safer. Solar’s management team has confirmed –once again – that Etere is the solution that better fits their needs. Etere MTX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market. Completely based on latest Matrox technology, it is a tapeless workflow-based software solution able to manage a fully IT-based digital ingest/playout.
Etere MTX is the new playout automation system with built-in video server capable to exploit Matrox's architecture and the explosive performance of dedicated hardware, thus delivering cost-effeciency and high performances to broadcast facilities. A remarkable fact consist on the use of a flexible approach to make all operations fully redundant. Etere MTX provides everything Solar needs to go digital including:
• master control room automation
• SD/HD ingest
• proxy file creation in real-time
• programming including secondary events as logos, crawls, audio/video router switching and transitions. This powerful and intelligent solution functions under a fully workflow-based way which the customer can customize to fit their needs. With Etere solution, the customer is now able to take the important step from a tape based to a full caching, automatic system building a reliable and truly tapeless, integrated, flexible and cost efficient distributed architecture.

Etere is a consistent system!

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