EtereWeb extends to Tablet

20 июня 2012

Etere is pleased to announce the launch its new application: a tablet-compatible web client to allow a simple access and a very fast flow of critical information

Now, you are able to book and manage sales campaigns as well as enter new orders only with a touch: all information will be sent and published without any other human intervention. All operators will not have to worry any more about workflow, resource management and file formats. The approval of video content can now be easily done from their tablets. The web client will display directly on your tablet your agenda calendar, assigned tasks, media previews, content approvals and any additional order task. Thanks the new concept of Etere MERP, Etere is able to save administrators and operators time and effort by deploying a total cost control and reporting service, providing powerful and real-time business for executives and managers, helping also employees since they are not allowed to make errors when controlling costs and monitoring budgets, Etere will reduce human errors, connect workgroups, enhance communications, minimize duplication, and make better informed business decisions. Etere MERP provide a comprehensive overall view (without "information islands") to make real–time information available for management, at any time from anywhere thanks to the external access. The new tablet interface permits Etere to expand its external access currently available through the EtereWeb integration, where thanks to a friendly interface users will be allowed to manage and track, in few minutes, the availability and bookings (ingest/editing rooms) of all resources, personnel shifts, maintenance schedules for equipment and out-of-service days. In this way, decisions can be made more quickly and with fewer errors since data becomes visible across the entire organization and under a single database, thus allowing multiple users to work on the same object. Etere offers to the customers a complete resources management in the simplest way!
Etere users can now perform tasks easily using any mobile device including Smartphones and Tablets based on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

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