Etere for RAI

25 августа 2005

RAI chooses ETERE to broadcast interactive contents of commercials.

The RAI has chosen ETERE to broadcast interactive contents of commercials.

The system, developed by RAI, RAI Trade, Sipra and ETERE to broadcast the interactive advertising, is one of the most advanced of the world. This project involves all the activities of management of interactive contents correlated to the commercials.

The scheduling is made in the commercial offices of Sipra, while RAI Trade deals with receipt and combining of applications Mhp to the planning.

RAI Trade, like the part video, deals with technical control and check of contents of the received material. Then the interactive applications are stored by ETERE for a future use.

The planning completed by RAI Trade is sent to RAI to be broadcast.

The three systems Sipra - RAI - RAI Trade are constantly kept adjourned in real time by "ETERE Mhp" that allows to have a complete integration between the scheduling and the broadcasting of the Mhp contents. These are managed by the system ETERE in parallel to the main ones (video) and therefore always synchronized with these.

Besides ETERE deals with the broadcasting of the interactive part, in parallel to the broadcasting of the video contents, through a direct connection toward the "carousel generator". The system is completely redounded and it doesn't ask for additional operations in the phase of broadcasting, in comparison to the operations for the broadcasting of the video part.

A single consolle allows, through the protocol SNMP, active in all the functions of ETERE, to have a centralized management of the traffic and of the errors dealing with the Mhp contents of all the three channels RAI and of the possible additional channels.