ETERE 22.2 is ... more Green!

02 мая 2012

Etere follows the Green Tech with a completely paperless workflow

Etere 22.2 includes improved email communication and integration features. Etere has started the paperless philosophy 3 years ago but in the last release there are many new features to improve paperless and environmentally conscience systems. E-mail doesn’t create a pdf file to send, but include everything to create documents and send to the correct people with only one key. Small and medium sized businesses spend thousands of dollars annually on paper costs, not to mention toner, printer maintenance, recycling programs, trash and shredding services, etc. Today in the digital area a lot of documents, especially invoices and statements are sent as paper, with a waste of resources and environmental pollution. A digital TV requires more metadata attached to the video to be broadcasted along with it simultaneously (includes EPG, Multilanguage subtitles, aspect ratio conversion, etc).
The biggest challenge on this process is the paperless approach: with Etere all the paper based steps have been changed to digital based steps, going paperless in now realistic!
Etere paperless is linked to the new Work Order Management and the new Media Asset Management. Etere creates an efficient green workflow which provides a seamless email integration, with it, you will be able to see hundreds of different documents to hundred of people in few minutes, using the correct e-mail addresses. Etere Green Tech features includes the following most remarkable ones:
• Use of a workf-like which is more friendly and efficient for the planet
• Reduce mistakes, save time, and increase organizational awareness and collaboration
• Send appointments to your employees and consult the schedule and perform changes immediately through Web and Outlook integration, your schedule is available and up-to-date wherever you go
• Leverage the accuracy and reliability of an automated billing and reporting service, you can receive e-bills, but you can generate them, too
• Perform an advanced planning of facility activities through the use of day–to–day strategic work orders and you are able to assign the resources via email or web
• Keep on top of all of your to-do lists for a project without using a scrap of paper
• Back-up all of the important documents you’ve just digitized is a no-brainer

Etere is a consistent system!

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