Improve your business with the new DSXLE3 Matrox

26 April 2012

Now new models are available with a more competitive pricing

Dear Distributor,
We are proud to inform you that there are available new Matrox cards. The Matrox DSXLE3 family allows you to get all the features of Etere MTX at a lower price. This new range of cards is mainly aimed to the video server market, where competition between vendors like Omneon, Harris and Grass valley is very strong. New cards belonging to the DSXLE3 range are priced 50% less of the corresponding XMIO2 cards but they provide the same features. The different models which form part of the DSXLE3 family will allow you to have the winning implementation for both MAM and Playout systems. The 22.6 Release of Etere MTX scheduled for June will be fully compatible with the new cards.

Etere MTX is a fully digital ingest/playout engine able to leverage the 100% of Matrox video technology, it works along with efficient file-based broadcast workflows for capturing either scheduled or manual video contents from any feed, and delivering them automatically including brand logos, animations and text crawls. Please see the attached PDF file containing the new Matrox Price List and its features. Thanks for your collaboration, feel free to contact us for any enquiries.