Etere delivers integration with EVS system

18 апреля 2012

Etere has improved integration with EVS enabled through the EVS IP Director Web Service API

Etere, a leading provider in broadcast workflow and software solutions has the pleasure to announce that develop an extension of Etere Media Manager and connected Web Services to seamless exchange assets with EVS system. Etere Web Service allows communication between the different applications used in your system. It includes functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple, separate systems from several business domains. Etere Web Service integrates all applications use in your TV station for a Web-based environment and uses multiple implementation platforms. It converts all your application into a Web-application. The same concept has applied to develop the integration with EVS IP Director and R&D Team has created the EVS Integration Tools. It has the following features:
• All the metadata descriptive information are read from EVS and stored in the Etere media library
• Ingested high resolution material stored in the EVS SAN can be managed via ETERE workflow
• The user can control the metadata every time
• It’s fully automated and transparent for users.

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