Etere MAM integrated with Annova

02 января 2006

Etere announces the improved compatibility of the Etere MAM system that can work in tandem with Annova systems.

Etere introduces a collaboration with tech software company, Annova. This collaboration allows for full integration of Etere's highly acclaimed Media Asset Management (MAM) solution with Annova's range of broadcast systems.

This integration allows the user to move and access information through and from the Annova and Etere systems. All of the data saved to the Etere database will not only be accessible through the Etere MAM, but also through the Annova systems, thereby streamlining the information retrieval process and reducing the time necessary to move information to and fro.

This integration provides users with a cost effective and convenient method of linking their systems into one streamlined workflow process, without compromising on time or quality. This integration is fully scalable, allowing the user to expand its systems with no detriment to the system's operability.

This integration is, as with all Etere automation solutions, a fault-tolerant and user-friendly system, which does not require customers to have any software expertise. The developed solution comes with all the benefits of Etere’s distributed architecture, being intrinsically modular and fault tolerant.

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